12th Sanctuary Guard Letter (Mother)

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Scroll on a chair in Crimson Wash, Scarlet Gorge – /setwaypoint 3849 3048

Book Blurb

This letter appears to have been written by one of the 12th Sanctuary Guard soldiers serving under Frederic Kain.

Book Text


My regiment is on the march once again. We have advanced into Scarlet Gorge, and some of Marshal Kain’s officers have been leading assaults deep into the Defiant holdings here. I have not seen any combat myself, having been detailed to guard duty of our Porticulum here in Crimson Wash.

I am glad I was able to transfer from the 8th Guard into the 12th. Marshal Oakheart is a good and noble man, but Marshal Kain knows what Sanctum needs right now is a crusading champion – someone to take the fight onto Defiant soil!

We are lucky to count such a mighty warrior as he among the ranks of the faithful.

-Jules Earnly-

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