12th Sanctuary Guard Letter (Marshal Oakheart)

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This book can be collected by Guardians only.Unknown if the book can be acquired by either faction.

Looted in Thalin Tor in Stillmoor at /setwaypoint 1723 2359 – A scroll on a little table at the tents entrance. – Only Guardians can collect this one.

Book Blurb

This letter appears to have been written by one of the 12th Sanctuary Guard soldiers serving under Frederic Kain.

Book Text

Salutations, Marshal Oakheart.

While you have always had doubts about my commander, I know you are a noble hero of the Vigil as well. I wish you could see in Marshal Kain what all of us have seen in him over the years and understand why we must follow him into this cursed land. I cannot accept that there is not still good in him, and I must believe he can still be saved.

Why else would the Vigil have chosen him for this duty if he was so unfit?

I have always looked up to you with the utmost respect and look forward to speaking with you again upon our return. Please say a prayer for us and our wayward commander.

-Sir Martyn Myrsol-

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