Savage’s Leather Boots

Feet ~ Leather
Available in game for free.
  • Looted in Terminus (Defiant tutorial zone) from normal mobs
  • Looted from Assault Commander Jorb in the level 50 Drowned Halls Raid
  • Raving Boots – Bought from a vendor in Freemarch, Kelari Refuge at /setwaypoint 6628 4530 – Armel Keeren
  • Raving Boots – Bought from a vendor in Meridian at /setwaypoint 6095 5105 – Girdoom, Favor Quartermaster ~or~ The vendor in Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7409 2915 – Templar Zim, Favor Quartermaster
  • Savage’s Bundle – Bought in the Rift Store > Cosmetics > Costume Bundles > Classic, with Credits
For a full list of appearances you can visit the Wardrobe Skins List.
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