Fine Cloth Pants

Legs ~ Cloth
Available in game for free.
  • Rewarded from the quest “Cruel Methods” in Shimmersand for Defiants
  • Rewarded from the quest “Unnatural means” in Shimmersand for Guardians
  • Looted form a ‘Stolen Lockbox’ on the back of a cart in Iron Pine Peak at /setwaypoint 4162 2088 – This lockbox is not always up, keep checking back!
  • Looted from Greenscale’s Blight: The Fallen Prince – Level 50 Chronicle – Be sure to kill and loot all the trash too!
  • Fine Bundle – Bought in the Rift Store > Cosmetics > Costume Bundles > Classic, with Credits
For a full list of appearances you can visit the Wardrobe Skins List.
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