Unstable: History of the Sun Temple

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Rewarded from the Artifact Set ‘Unstable: History of the Sun Temple’ – This Artifact Set is found in Pelladane – You can find a guide to Unstable Artifact Hunting here.

Book Blurb

This histoy is written in a type of Ink that can only be seen under very specific conditions.

Book Text

The Ceremony of the Orb’s Unveiling

I hesitated before applying the final graft to the Orb. Fiction loves to vilify mortals such as myself. Creating machinery that would touch the celestial realms, based on plans not fully understood, whose origins were kept as a secret even from those of us that must build it? While our mages, priests and scientists had all blessed this endeavor, was this not the hubris that bards loved to sing cautionary tales of?

But as I thought back to the events of the construction, the miracles that became an almost daily occurrence, the joy and serenity that I saw blossom in those that had contact with the Orb, how could I delay? Was is jealousy? I witnessed many strange and magical events happen in the lives of the workers that pieced it together, and the clergy that focused it’s power upon the celestial realms. Yet I myself was unaffected? Was I really so selfish to demand metaphysical payment before I would enrich Telara? I inserted the final piece, a composite of gold, Rhenium and the Ephemeral Element, inscribed with runes of the celestial language itself.

And the Orb started to spin.

“Build a temple of contemplation upon this site!”

That voice! It was my Mother calling me home. No it was my Grandfather. My professor of eldritch theory whom I loved. Did we create an intelligent construct? A metallic god king of our own design? What did it demand?

“Stray thoughts get in the way.” Said a little girl. It was me, the me when I was at peace, happy, the day I found the stray kitten and played with it in the sun.

“Think of a temple where one can find their peace, and we will build it together.” I saw five of the Six, though their features were obscured by the brightness of the sun. I imagined a roof open to the sky, a balcony upon the sound, and a nearby shop to get my tea.

When the light dimmed I witnessed the final brick cement itself into place. It’s first miracle was to build a home, a shared space fit for both mortal and divine. The assembled dignitaries of the Tempest and Sun courts exploded in cheers. I wept with joy.

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