Caring For Your Deep One Hatchling

Available to
This book can be collected by Defiants only.

Can be picked up during the quest ‘Meetings of Interest’, during the Defiant Abyssal Saga. If you didn’t pick them up during the quest then head back to /setwaypoint 4682 1155 in Iron Pine Peak to grab them. This can only be done by Defiants.

Book Text

So, you’ve decided to raise a deep one hatchling?

By now you’ve probably realized that those claws will destroy any artifacts within reach, and that you cannot stow the remains of any once-living creature anywhere nearby without it going into a bloody frenzy.

Follow these easy steps to maintain a successful and harmonious relationship with your deep one hatchling. Which, with proper care, could one day grow to be an unparalleled minion in your pursuit of the secrets of the deep.

[The rest of the pages are raggedly torn out. Clearly, someone didn’t follow instructions.]

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