Storm Guard

Off Hand ~ Shield
Available in game for free.
  • Rewarded from the quest “A Missing Worker” in Iron Pine Peak for Defiants and Guardians
  • Rewarded from the quest “Doom Abides” in Moonshade Highlands for Defiants and Guardians
  • Rewarded from the quest “Bled Reckoning” in Stillmoor for Defiants
  • Rewarded from the quest “Thwarting the Emberlord” in Droughtlands for Defiant and Guardian Warriors, and Clerics (Rewards are class specific)
  • Iron Shield – Crafted by an Armorsmith using Easy to acquire Mathosian Materials
  • Classic 2-Handed Weapon Set 1 – Drops randomly from Call to Action zone events – got
  • Looted in the Normal Mode Deepstrike Mines Dungeon – Level 24-31 – Be sure to kill and loot all the trash too!
  • Looted from Expert Mode Foul Cascade Dungeon – Level 50
  • Storm Guard – Bought in the Rift Store > Cosmetics > Costume Weapons, with Credits
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