Oblivian Maze

Oblivian Maze

Hosted by Seshatar and Caduto on 22nd June 2019

— The Winner of the Oblivion Maze —
— Doranbolt@Gelidra – 31mins 06secs–

Second Place – Yns@Brisesol – 31mins 43secs
Third Place – Mrwideos@Wolfsbane – 34mins 40secs

Fourth – Ditran@Gelidra
Fifth – Euclave@Brisesol
Sixth – Killerloose@Zaviel
Seventh – Darkmystere@Brisesol
Eighth – Frifou@Gelidra
Ninth – Iren@Zaviel
Tenth – Thezene@Typhiria

— Player that collected the
most artifacts during the run —
— Thezene@Typhiria with 8 artifacts —

Everyone waiting to be let into the maze.
Queuing up to click the flag!
Runners in the holding cell.
View from above.
Running through section 1.
Like little ants!
Section 2 starts to fill up.
Thezene and Darkmystere were the first players into section 3.
Section 3 gets buisier as people fall through the floors!
A bunch of peeps following each other to get the path to section 4.
Peeps enjoying the disco balls in section 4.
Doranbolt is the first to make it to level 14.
Doranbolt makes it across the finish line first, with Yns close behind him.
The Winners Podium.