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Shard: Brutwacht
Dimension: Azcu’azg Oasis
Owner: Chulia

A selection of really well built buildings!

Hogwarts - The Great Hall

Shard: Brutwacht
Dimension: Anywhere
Owner: Snowprotection

The great hall from hogwarts!
Click the door to be teleported to the upper hallways and see the living pictures!


Shard: Brutwacht
Dimension: Stone Flask Tavern
Owner: Mules (Guild)

A beautifully detailed dress-shop!
Things to look out for..
The mouse drawing out dress patterns with chalk.
The sword scissors.
The Dress pattern book.
So many ruffles on the dress!
The birds bringing the lace in from above.
Dont forget to look out the window!

Castle in the sky

Shard: Greybriar
Dimension: Tempest Island
Owner: Foxi

Seating area with pretty pattern on the cushions!
Part of the garden.

A grand entrance way leading to the entrance of the castle, with fountains and plants and little creatures running around! The garden had more fountains and little walkways off to pretty areas.
Inside the castle there appears to be wedding preparations in place, with seating and food laid out, along with guest quarters and cosy areas.

Heart of the Fire

Shard: Greybriar
Dimension: Faen’s Retreat
Owner: Kezziha

Little square house.
Coffee on tap!

A lush tunnel of trees as you walk down towards the house.
I really like the windows of this house, simple and modern design! The house looks quite small from the outside, yes there is so much in there, and each room is designed beautifully with solid colour schemes. I particularly like the kitchen, with cookies baking in the oven and what I’m sure is a coffee dispenser on the fridge!

Infinity Schism

Shard: Greybriar
Dimension: Infinity Gate
Owner: Etzel

A huge fishtank!
A beautiful Aviary high in the sky!

The fish tank has been built so you can walk above it and look down as well as into it from the side, there are loads of fish in there which makes the whole thing look very alive! I love the geometric design of the roof.
The aviary was a shock to find, you have to go up a couple of lifts to get there, it is well worth it! A peaceful tranquil area that is a joy to walk around.