Prime to Live

A run down of what makes Live different to Prime.
With Prime closing on 31st March 2019 there will be a lot of players moving to the Live Rift shards who may not have played on Live for a long long time. This page is to help to explain what to expect and what the major differences are between the two games/shards.

You can find information about the transfer here.

Quick Guide

The Transfer

All characters on Prime will be transferred to a trial shard on the NA cluster called ‘Reclaimer’. From this shard you can transfer to any of the Live NA shards. Transfer to EU shards will not be possible. Note: the Reclaimer shard will show up in the NA shard list, it has nothing to do with PTS!
Characters will keep everything they have unlocked on Prime, including bank slots, wardrobe unlocks and any mounts/pets/etc they have collected. Everything in your bags that is currently not soulbound will become soulbound.

Prime to Live

On the Live shards you will be able to enjoy… Patron Perks, Loyalty rewards and an extended, more functional Rift Store.
While playing you will now be able to switch shard, you wont be auto-mentored as you move through the zones/instances, you can participate in Instant Adventures, Wardrobe unlocks are much easier and you will have Minions to help you farm!

Detailed Guide


What will happen to my Prime characters?

All your current characters on Prime will be moved to a specially made Trial shard on NA called ‘Reclaimer’.
From there you will be able to choose any NA shard to transfer to and continue playing the game.

So.. what do we get?

Every account with at least one character over level 50 will be awarded with 1million loyalty and a level 65 character boost pack.
These will be awarded after all the character/credit tranfers are complete. (Gamigo seem to have given themselves a window of one week to get all the transfers done so your reward may come after this week)
It can only be claimed ONCE per account.

What should i do to prep?

Guild leaders/officers will have the big job of emptying the guild banks.
The guild itself will be transferred to the Reclaimer shard, giving everyone a bit of time to sort out the bank. Players may wish to set up a guild on the NA shards ready for their Prime players to join when the transfer happens. Or you can wait and transfer your current Prime guild to one of the NA shards. You can find info about guild transfers here.

Players should empty their mail boxes and ensure they have nothing listed on the Auction House.
Everything in your personal bank space and bags will move with your character.
Your Dimensions should also not be effected in any way.
Bank slots opened on Prime will also be unlocked for that character on Live, so unlock as many as you can before the transfer!

What about EU players?

Unfortunately there will be no option to transfer your Prime character to the EU shards.
EU players may still find it useful to have a character on NA. If you have Patron then you will able to claim your weekly Patron reward box on NA too, giving you a second chance to win an account bound mount. Some people will also use NA to farm platinum, which they then use to buy REX on NA (cheaper than EU prices) and the credits are then available to spend on EU.

The Transfer

When your character is first transferred to the NA shards you will be placed on a TRIAL shard called ‘Reclaimer’.
This is a temporary holding shard. Trial shards have been used in the past when previous live shards were merged or deleted (RIP Icewatch).
On a Trial shard you are generally locked to your main capital city, either Meridian or Sanctum. (Tempest bay may be included in this)
You will have access to your bank, mail and auction house to allow you to clear your character ready to transfer to a permanent home.

When you log your character it will remind you that you should transfer ASAP.
In Sanctum/Meridian there will be an invisible wall around the city.
Trying to port anywhere will just port you straight back to your main city.

Your goal here is to ensure your character is ready to transfer by emptying your in game mail box and cancelling all your auctions.

You dont need to be in any rush to transfer. Take your time and ensure your character is ready. If you are transferring with a guild then your guild leader should transfer first, then all guild members will get a message asking if they want to follow.
Your character will remain on Reclaimer forever, or until you transfer it. There is no cut off date, your character will not be deleted if you leave it there too long!

Choosing your new home

You now have 7 NA shards to choose from.
On the character selection screen, select the character you wish to transfer and hit the transfer button on the bottom menu.

This will bring up the shard selection list.
Your guild will be anchored to the shard you choose, so if you already have a guild in mind then you will want to make sure you select the shard that they are based on.

Greybriar – Where all the cool people play
Wolfsbane – A shard for peeps who like wolves?
Deepwood – The shard for peeps who like Deepwood
Hailol – Peeps who like fairies and Unicorns go here.
Faeblight – The NA Roleplay shard – Roleplay is an option here not a necessity, some peeps are just here for the free cookies. 
Laethys (Oceanic) – The guilds on this shard tend to run their raids at times more friendly to peeps living in Oceanic Time Zones.
Seastone – The NA PVP shard – On this shard you will be flagged for PVP in open world.. which can get very painful!

The shard you choose is ENTIRELY up to you!
Dungeon and PVP queues are shared across all shards. You can also group up with players from every shard and even ‘visit’ their shards while in game, so you can complete zone events on every shard, you are not just limited to your own (more info about this below).

Auction houses are not shared between shards, so if you tend on rely on the auction house for your daily needs then you may want to choose one of the more populated shards. You may find the Auction House on Faeblight to have a better selection of dimension items listed. But you can always park an alt on Faeblight to list or buy dimension items if you would rather your main be on a different shard.

If you are unhappy with your initial shard choice then you can change your home shard once a week for free until you find the one that is right for you.

Actual Patron Perks!

For a small amount of money each month you can continue to be a Patron. On Prime, Patron was required to give you access to the game. On Rift Live, the whole game is free to play, so Patron gives proper perks!
You can find a full list of Patron Perks here.
Highlights include..

Bonus Tokens: an extra 40% to all open world, dungeon and raid currencies.
Affinity Login Rewards: Earn 5 Affinity when you first log in each day and then 1 more per hour for 3 hours, a maximum of 8 per day. Affinity is used in the Rift Store to buy unique fluff items.
Bonus Loot: Each day you will get a daily login reward that is linked to your loyalty tier. Patrons will also get a weekly login reward containing a variety of high end items and a supply crate that has a chance to drop an account wide mount.
Artifact Tracking Vial: By far one of the best Patrons perks, you will get one charge of artifact tracking per character per day. Each charge lasts 30 minutes. When the vial is active you will be able to see all artifacts that are near you on the mini map, marked with a white diamond. This is the only Artifact Tracking vial that tracks ALL types of artifacts at the same time.
Extra Daily Quests: A free to play account can only hand in 30 daily quests each day per character – Patrons can hand in 40. Perfect for when you are still farming notoriety!
Bonus XP: Patrons earn 40% more XP from everything they do.
Patron Fast Pass: This is a portal device that you can use where ever you are to teleport to any portal that you have unlocked. It has a 30 minute cooldown.
Mounted command: 10% extra Mount Speed, 25% faster mounting, and -5% chance to be dismounted.

To access your Patron Perks in game, type [P] to open your abilities window and choose the Patron tab.


Every time you spend money in game you will be earning Loyalty.
You can see how much Loyalty you have by clicking the coloured orbs on the loyalty bar near the top of the rift store.
There are 7 coloured tiers, each with rewards as you move through the tiers and then a bundle of rewards when you max out the tier.
Each player with a Prime character over level 50 will recieve 1 million free Loyalty after the transfers have finished. This will push a fresh account into the red tier, filling the green, blue, purple and orange tiers completely. 

Loyalty rewards are collected directly from the Rift Store in the upper right corner of the main page.
Rewards such as mounts, vials, teleports etc are given to every character on your account and to every new character you create.

Other noteable loyalty rewards include:
Tempest Insignia – A free portal to Tempest Bay – Very handy for getting low level characters to Tempest Bay – Earned in Blue Tier.
Satchel of Loyalty – A 32 slot bag – Earned in Purple Tier.
Treasure Map – A permanent 10% boost to XP, Notoriety and Token Currency – Earned in Orange Tier.
Friend to all – Right click any player to summon them to your location – This is a single target summon with a 30min cooldown – Earned in Orange Tier.

If you manage to make it all the way to Silver Tier then you will be rewarded with a boost to Treasure Map that turns 10% into 20%, and the Distinguished Gift buff, this buff is shared with anyone you are grouped with to increase all rewards by a further 5%

These buffs and perks are all very useful, but dont feel pressured into spending money you dont have to get them. The game is perfectly playable without them!

The Rift Store

The store on the Prime shards was very limited.
When you move over to Live you will notice that the store has a LOT more on it and has some extra little quality of life changes too!

The Rift store on live has a lot more categories!
Pretty much everything you can find on the various vendors in the towns and cities across Telara can also be found in the Rift store.

Note that items on the Rift Store have their IN GAME CURRENCY price, as well as a credit price.
So for instance: In the mounts section you will find all the mounts from most of the mount vendors found in the open world, these will be listed for their price in Platinum, as well as some for Lucky coins and Favor. There are also some credit only Premium mounts.
Be aware that not every mount available in the game can be bought from the store, for some of them you will still have to go to the vendor.

In the crafting section you will find most of the crafting recipes available in game, all for craft marks. Again there are a few credit only recipes (all of which are pretty useless) and some vendors out in the world that dont have their recipes on the store (such as the vendor in Alittu that sells the Planar Crafted recipes).

In the Equipment section you will find A LOT of gear. Pre level 65 gear is available for Void Stones (and some other in game currencies). Gear for over level 65 is available for Celestial Remnants and then the various dungeon and raid currencies.
There is some gear (some also sold in bundles) that is available for credits. These are not best in slot items.. and with just a few weeks of gameplay you can earn this same gear or equivalent just by playing the game. There is NO NEED at all to buy any gear with credits.

The same is true for all areas of the store. You can have a huge selection of companion pets without spending credits. You can have the fastest mount speed and well over a hundred different mounts to choose from without spending credits. You can unlock around 90% of the wardrobe skins and create millions of different wardrobe combinations without spending any credits.
You can progress through every zone, do every dungeon and raid, get your character best in slot geared, without spending a single penny. Your journey will be slower than someone with a patron sub and some credits to buy vials, but the journey is still very much possible!

Of course if you want to spend credits then there is plenty to choose from!
The most recommended priority item is the Ascended Essentials Pack. This is found in the DLC section of the store, this pack will unlock all the souls on your entire account, along with 2 extra bag slots and 6 character slots per server.
The next priority for credit spending should be minion card slots. Spending money to increase your minion card slots is a huge long term gain. Minions are ‘pets’ that you send on missions to bring you back materials, notoriety, dimension items and more. You can earn over 150 minions while playing the game, with even more available for credits. The amount of minion slots you have determines how many minions you can have out on a mission at the same time. Extra slots are only available for credits and cannot be gifted.
Other credit purchases you may find useful are; vials (which increase your token, notoriety or XP gains), Craft Extensions (which allow you to have more crafting skills on one character) and extra bank vaults (storage is always good to have, but you can always use alts for storage too, so don’t worry about it too much!).

Extra functionality

The store on Live works the same as any vendor window on Prime.
When you select a tab on the store (the bags tab works best for this) you will find the ‘sell all grey items’ button at the bottom of the screen, you can can also right click any item in your bags to sell it for vendor price to the store. This makes clearing out your bags while questing a whole lot easier! No need to go back to quest hubs/cities anymore.

There is also a wish list feature, tick the little box on any item in the store to add it to your wish list. This is useful for items you buy regularly, such as the Tenebrean Planar Attuners (used to upgrade high level gear). Its also useful for things that you want to buy that are not actually found in the rift store, for instance you can put the raid rifts sold by the vendor in Uttila (Vostigar Peaks) on your wish list, then access the wish list from the Rift store where ever you are.


Shard Switching

There are 7 different NA shards and 6 EU shards.
When you right click your character portrait you will have the option to teleport to all the different shards within your cluster (NA or EU).
This is different to transferring shards, which is always done from the character selection screens.
When you teleport to a different shard you will just be visiting! This is useful for a variety of different reasons.

Zone events: One of the main reasons to be switching shard is so you can tag zone events that are up on different shards. You can use YARET to track which zone events are up on all the shards, then just switch to the shard that the zone event is on and go complete it!

Questing: Pick up 10 of these items? No problem, just find one of them and then switch shard in that same spot to pick up the same item on all the shards! If your quest hub has been taken over by planar creatures you can switch shard and hope that the hub on another shard is safe and usable.

Farming: While farming for materials if you find a good cluster of mining or foraging nodes then you can switch shard and grab them all from every shard!

Artifact hunting: Stand where the artifact spawns and switch shard to collect it on every shard. This is especially useful when you know the artifact spot is a ‘rare’ spot and you want the highest chance of collecting a rare artifact.

Rare Hunting: If the rare you need isn’t up on your home shard then you can check all the other shards and see if its up there!

No Auto-Mentoring

Welcome to being an overpowered Ascended GOD!
Once you hit higher levels (65-70) you can solo most of the older level 50 Dungeons and Raids. When you are a geared level 70 you will be able to solo all the old level 60 and 65 dungeons too.
You need to be careful in open world. Being able to one shot everything in lower zones is a lot of fun, but you should look out for actual low level players and not kill their quest objectives before they get a chance to tag stuff. When it comes to zone events you should mentor down to the correct level for the zone, especially when its time to kill the final boss.
You can find a full guide to Mentoring and Sidekicking here.
Sidekicking can be very useful, especially for that bit of extra power while levelling from 65-70 in the Celestial Lands.

Instant Adventures

Instant adventures are now available for you to enjoy!
Press [ . ] to open up the Instant Adventure UI.

Instant adventures offer the most XP per hour than any other content in game.
However, when compared to questing, they can be very repetitive, not very rewarding gear wise and can be detrimental to your knowledge of your class/spec. If this is your first character then I recommend you use Instant Adventures every so often to take breaks from mostly solo questing and enjoy playing as a group for a while.
You will earn Void Stone while adventuring, which you can use in the Rift store to buy gear. Be aware that you will level quickly, especially in the Intrepid Adventures at lower levels. Any gear you buy will be outdated with 5 -10 levels, so don’t go overboard completely decking out your level 50 char with the best gear you can find, cos in 2 hours of play it will all be obsolete!

Celestial Adventures: Available from level 65, these Instant Adventures take place in Gedlo Badlands, Vostigar Peaks and the specially made Life and Fire instances. There is a weekly quest picked up in Alittu to complete 30 of these. You should choose Legion Datagrams as your reward. You should do some of these every day while levelling between 65 and 70, each Adventure quest completed will grant you a little bit of Planar Defense Force Notoriety which you will need to have maxed out to buy your BiS Focus when you hit level 70.

Instant Adventure: Available from level 10, the standard instant adventures have you questing through 22 of the open world zones. This makes these Instant Adventures the most varied.

Intrepid Adventures: Available from level 10, these adventures take place in the instanced areas of Hammerknell Fortress and Mind of Madness. Joining these IAs is the fastest way to level between level 10 and 65. 

Wardrobe Unlocks

All the wardrobe that you unlocked on Prime will also be unlocked on NA (not on EU as wardrobe is region wide not account wide).
Wardrobe unlocks work differently on LIve, it is MUCH easier to unlock wardrobe!
On Prime, an item would have to be soulbound before the wardrobe from the item was unlocked. This meant that a lot of gear would have to be equipped before the wardrobe unlocked, making it difficult for a mage to unlock plate skins, or a cleric to unlock leather.
On Live, an item simply needs to be in your bags to unlock the wardrobe. This opens up many more ways to unlock wardrobe!
From the store: Items bought with in game currencies (not credits) from the rift store (or world vendors) can be bought and sold back straight away. This will unlock the wardrobe skin without losing any currency!
Crafting: Anything you craft will unlock that skin as soon as the crafted item hits your bags, even if you then trade that item to someone else.
Farming old Dungeons/Raids solo: On Live there is no auto-mentoring, so a lot of the old content can be soloed. Running through the old dungeons and looting everything can unlock a lot of costume!
Farming old Dungeons/Raids in a group: Running old content in groups means you can do the harder bosses/raids. All items dropped from bosses are tradeable for half an hour after the drop (only with members of the raid that helped kill the boss). Players CAREFULY trade items through the group so everyone gets the skin unlock. You need to be very careful not to accidentally equip the item! – Left click and drag the item into the trade window instead of right clicking it.


Minions are a type of pet. You send them out using a card system in game. The rewards they bring back depend on the mission you have sent them on.
You can find a full guide to the minion system on Riftgrate.
You can find a database of all available minions here.
You will start off with just a handful of minion cards. But as you progress through the nightmare tide and Prophecy of Ahnket zones, completing quests and earning achievements you will loot many more minion cards!
Extra minion card slots are a good investment if you are looking to spend some credits.

If you are completely new to minions then I highly recommend you use the in game system for a few days to familiarise yourself with the process and what is actually happening. Then you can download the Minion Sender Add-on to make sending and levelling your minions much much easier!