Jigsaw Time!

Finishing up the Planetouched Wilds rare guide..This is the last zone that I havn’t built a proper map for..So just wanted to post this pic in here to show how I do it!All these pics will be opened in paint and pieced together like a jigsaw 🙂

Nightmare Tide Rares completed.

I have killed 300 rares over 3 days to complete the Nightmare Tide rare guide. Some more numbers.. now has 202 completed pages 4,738 pictures uploaded 264 videos embeded Next job is the PoA rares! Happy hunting peeps

Level 70 gear guide

Over the Christmas season I have been a relaxing a little on the cheevo hunting and working on my NA characters gear.This was the perfect opportunity to write a guide!So I wrote out a full guide to level 70 gear, where to get it from and how to upgrade it.I hope some fresh level 70’s will find it useful! Happy hunting peeps 🙂

Nearly Christmas!

Well its nearly Christmas and CADRIFT is now fully settled into its new home. I have added a lot more pages, mostly Storm Legion and Nightmare Tide guides.The Fae Yule guide is up to date and I’ve fleshed out the cheevo page, adding screenshots and explanations as I farm the cheevos on my NA character.With Rifts change of ownership to Gamigo, its been a tense few months as we all wait to see what will become of Rift. We have been reassured that the game will continue, we just need to hope that once the dust has properly settled that...

Transfer Complete

All 168 pages completed.3711 pictures uploaded.209 YouTube videos Edited with the correct links. Time for new content! Happy hunting peeps!

A Gentle Awakening

Currently doing a final check of every page before I start deleting the old site.Autumn Harvest threw a spanner in the works when the old instance was deleted and the questgivers moved. The event guide required a much bigger update than I had anticipated and thus the final checks were pushed back a bit.This is now all done and I can concentrate on finishing the transfer.. I also have over 200 youtube videos to go through and change the links on each one!Have an awesome Halloween event peeps 🙂

Nearly There!

With 3 days and 12 hours to go til release of the new site, I am around 80% done.. With the majority of what is left being world event pages that are not needed til the event happens!I have sneaked in some new content, such as the Avid Reader guide and a proper guide for the Moonshade Echoes.I initially decided to release the site on the 16th October so that it would be ready for the Autumn Harvest event. Trion has just announced that the event will indeed start on the 18th October as I predicted, thankfully the Autumn Harvest...

Started on Toks!

I have now started the transfer of the Toks guide.. Taking better screenshots, cleaning up text, even making new videos as I go.I think the Toks section alone will take me 3 full days… That puzzle is so complex and awesome! I have decided a release date for the new website and am keeping track of my progress on the main page..Here is a screenshot of todays progress, 6 days into the build with 25 days left, 17% of the content is done!

VP Puzzle is done

One of the bigger sections of the site, the VP Puzzle is now fully transferred over.Although the guide is only 6 pages, there are 189 pictures spread over those 6 pages!The only section of the site that is bigger is the TOKS Dungeon guide.. Back to work!