Planar Armor

Cheevos found in H > Planes > Planar Champion > Planar Armor

This page is very new! I will be adding info to the page as we learn more about the Armor and more of the items are released, if you have any info you would like to share please let me know.

Only the Planar Weapons have been released so far.. There are LOADS of new cheevos in this section but most of them say ‘top secret’ at the moment. I will be filling this section in as the new armor is released.

Planar Weapons

You can find information about the Planar Weapons on the Planar Weapons Guide Page.

The path to greatness...

Cheevo for buying one of the Planar Weapons from the vendor in Xarth Mire, after you buy the weapon the cheevo will change to ask you to upgrade the weapon 10 times, then 17 times and finally to upgrade the weapon fully (20 times). paved with great deeds...

Earned when you upgrade your Planar Weapon 10 times.

...the bodies of fallen enemies...

Earned when you upgrade your Planar Weapon 17 times.

...but the price must be paid.

Earned when fully you upgrade your Planar Weapon (20 times)

Planar Champions' Fire Cloak

The cheevo is revealed, but nothing to buy just yet.

Strike a Spark

Other Cheevos

These are all ‘top secret’ at the moment, I will be completing guides for these as they are released.