With 3 days and 12 hours to go til release of the new site, I am around 80% done.. With the majority of what is left being world event pages that are not needed til the event happens!
I have sneaked in some new content, such as the Avid Reader guide and a proper guide for the Moonshade Echoes.
I initially decided to release the site on the 16th October so that it would be ready for the Autumn Harvest event. Trion has just announced that the event will indeed start on the 18th October as I predicted, thankfully the Autumn Harvest section was copied over once my release date was decided, so that is all done and ready for you peeps to use!
I will of course update and expand it when the event is live.

Going back to work now, gotta get the summerfest Hunts sorted!

Happy hunting peeps

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